Join Clash

Join Clash is a vibrant and fun online game where you compete for influence in a virtual city. Use the townspeople as a resource: create your own circle of followers who will follow your commands. There is nothing difficult about recruiting residents. Your task is to walk around the city and look for white men, then just approach them, and the little man becomes your companion and acquires the color of your team.

By creating your own circle of followers, you can send them to fights or proceedings. Defeating your opponents will give you a lot of influence in the city. Since this game provides a multiplayer mode, it will be extremely difficult to win it, however, it makes the game even more interesting! However, before you can even reach your destination point, you still have to make your way through a map filled with various hurdles and traps. And some of them will not just block your path, but also pose danger for you and your people.

At first everything will be quite simple, you will easily jump over various barriers and obstacles that appear on your way, and it may even seem to you that you will reach the finish line without encountering any special difficulties. But as your crowd grows, the obstacles the developers have prepared for you will get more difficult. In the middle of the streets, huge pendulums and axes will suddenly begin to swing, striving to knock your charges off their feet or even cut them into pieces. The little men will begin to get stuck in the barbed wire and fall into the pits. And only a good reaction and the ability to coherently lead a large number of people along a narrow path will help you keep the maximum number of warriors for the final battle!

Yes, there is a battle at the end. You will face exactly the same opponent. And depending on who got the most people running through the city streets, that one will have a better chance of winning. So don’t yawn and watch the road carefully! Try to recruit as many people as possible into your ranks, but at the same time move carefully so as not to lose the old ones. It will be an incredible adventure that will give you tons of positive emotions!

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