Crowd City

Nowadays it is quite difficult to find a game that could lure at least a few hours of continuous action. Crowd City is one of those. In addition to the fact that it combines excellent detailed graphics and performance, it is also active, simple gameplay literally addicting and makes you come back to the game again and again. You can easily spend hours here without noticing. But first things first.

The game itself is not difficult: you have a little man who needs to be controlled on the playing field, which consists of a typical urban environment – buildings, roads, shops, parks, etc. In this field, the little man needs to find other, but aimlessly walking little people to take them to your team and gather an army. The one who gathers the largest army will be the winner of the game. The important thing is that each of the armies runs the risk of losing its soldiers due to the approach of a larger army. The system is actually amazing and rather difficult to explain, so to fully convey the feeling of the game, it is worth trying to cope with the tasks yourself.

An important aspect of the game is the graphics, which are presented in a rather minimalistic way, with simple and pleasant colors, smooth edges and excellent performance. Performance, by the way, is almost the main advantage of the game – there are so many objects on the screen that you wonder how everything works even on a weak smartphone. Precisely because the gameplay is quite fast and rhythmic, this aspect is very important and valuable to many players. If you’re one of them, you definitely need to check out Crowd City!

It is also worth mentioning how the artificial intelligence system is implemented in the form of opponents. They are often very simple and easy enough to defeat, but, of course, everything depends on the habits and skills that you acquire during the game. This is not about skills that could be bought for currency – they are simply not there. The outcome of the game will be decided only by your agility and ability to quickly navigate the urban space. And then you just need to find free people, lure them over to your side and crush opponents with an army of men. So why don’t you start working on that right now? Play Crows City online and have fun with the whole process!

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