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Count Masters is a fun and colorful arcade where you have to do a lot of running with a catch – you will be controlling a crowd of people at once. Your goal is to run around the location gathering more and more characters under your command. In the end, you will storm your opponent’s castle and fight the boss waiting for you there! During the race, you also have to overcome various obstacles and make sure to run through the gate with the right number on it (hence the name). So, are you ready for such an adventure? Then let’s begin!

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It’s crowded here!

The process of playing Count Masters is nothing complicated. But despite the simple essence of the game, it’s very difficult when it comes to actually controlling this whole crowd. You will start out as just one man. You will be running through the map seeing other men. If you touch them, they will join your team. Bit by bit, you will already be in charge of a little army. They will all be of the same color to make it easier to differentiate between the players because each of them is working on gathering their own crowd. And the bigger yours is the more chances you have to win in the final battle!

Of course, guiding all these people through the map will be kind of hard. And not just because you have to choose the right route for the entire team at once, but also because of all the hurdles and traps that are waiting for you. They will be quite easy at the start, but the further you proceed the more dangerous they will become. Prepare to dodge huge blades and swinging balls, sharp spikes and deep pits. Part of your army will get stuck there and your task as the general is to make sure there are still enough men left in your troops.

Count, run and win!

As you run through the level, you will also have to pass several gates. They will all have different numbers on them. Those numbers indicate how this gate will change the size of your crowd. So you have to choose precisely the gate that will maximize it. That’s where you have to use math skills, but don’t worry, you won’t have to perform any complicated calculations.

The final stage is the battle. You’ll reach the castle that you have to attack. And you’ll also meet the army of your opponent. If yours is bigger, it will join you and you’ll have twice as many men. Now it’s time for an assault! Winning will increase your ranking and allow you to buy new skins for your soldiers. Enjoy Count Masters online and have fun!

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