Join Clash 2

Do you think it’s easy to assemble a team of 1000 people and win? At first, everything is simple in Join Clash – you run around the city and collect new heroes into your team, but with each new level it becomes more and more difficult… In this game you have to collect the maximum possible number of members in your team during just two minutes.

You will see plenty of little men of different colors running around. Initially, your team consists of 4-6 people, as, in principle, the opponents. After starting the stopwatch, the little men begin to run and collect new allies like your characters. Look at the map and location where other players are running. Whoever has a larger team can attack any opponent and take away his number of characters!

With each level increase, new heroes are revealed: snakes, zebras, dragons, Santa Clauses, penguins, giraffes, prisoners, skeletons, zombies, spiders and others… With an increase in rank, the number of starting heroes grows! How to win in this game? At the beginning, playing Join Clash is quite easy, everything works out, but with each subsequent level it gets more and more challenging. The secret is that before the start of the game there is a bonus in the form of additional heroes. They will appear after watching a short advertisement, but you will have an advantage at the beginning of the round!

After getting additional players, immediately attack the opponent with fewer people, thereby taking away all the heroes from him, and as soon as you take all of them, 10 more allies will be added. Whoever has a large number of “runners” will have a crown on the leader’s head, respectively – lure all the rivals in the city while you have the largest number of man runners! Good luck playing Join Clash online!

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