Count Masters Mobile

Mobile games are rapidly evolving right now. Decades ago, you had to get home to your computer to enjoy your favorite game. Now times have changed and you can do it anywhere if you just have access to it from your smartphone. It’s highly convenient since you’re not tied to one place, and besides it gives you an opportunity to while away the time of waiting or having to be somewhere you don’t really want to be – now you will have a decent pastime not to die of boredom!

Count Masters Mobile is a third-person arcade action game that will surely allow you to spend some great time on a dull meeting or in a long line! In this game you have to start running alone and gather people on your way to gather a huge crowd. Your team will go through all kinds of moving, rotating and expanding obstacles. You have to calculate your moves on the go and retain as many guys from the crowd as possible. You can dodge axes swinging in dangerous vicinity and crushing monster spheres, avoid huge circular saws, deadly red buttons and pits with thorns to reach the finish line. At the end of the level, you have to crush your opponents in order to capture the tower.

This version is perfectly streamlined for mobile devices. The controls are smooth and easy, you just have to swipe and tap to lead your army. The game looks equally nice on a small screen. You can turn it both vertically or horizontally at your convenience. Discover all the perks of playing Count Masters on mobile and see if you can defeat your enemies in gripping matches that won’t take up a lot of your time!

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