Count Masters Unblocked

You probably heard a saying that teaches us there is safety in numbers. This is particularly true when you play Count Masters unblocked. The main goal of the game is to gather a large army of characters that you can pick up right in the streets and lead them to the gates of the enemy castle. And the bigger it is the more chances you have to win. However, you will have to try hard if you hope your army to grow – and, most importantly, survive!

At the beginning of the game, you will only have one man. A clumsy creature with a big head and short limbs. But don’t worry, that won’t prevent him and others like him from running pretty fast and agile through the level. As you move along the way, you will see other men just like you. By running up to them and passing by, you can add them to your crowd. And before you can notice, there will three, five, a dozen of you racing down the street in the same direction!

Here comes the main difficulty of the gameplay. You have to control all the characters at once. They all follow the movements of your finger across the screen and turn where you tell them. So you will have to consider that while picking the optimal trajectory trying to avoid all the traps set up in your path. And there will be no shortage of them! Naturally, they will become more and more dangerous as you proceed through the map.

Prepare to dodge flying hammers and giant spheres swinging in the middle of the road. Keep your characters away from spikes and chainsaws and make sure none of them (or at least, not too many of them) end up in a pit. If there will be more of you than your opponent’s warriors once you reach the destination point, you will be able to recruit their army. And you need every last soldier when you arrive at the castle!

Inside, there will be a boss waiting for you. You need to defeat him to win. Every time you successfully end a match, your ranking will increase. That will give you access to new, even more exciting and challenging locations, as well as different cute skins for your heroes and other perks. Find out what else is waiting for you in Count Masters unblocked!

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