Count Masters 2021

Do you feel the makings of a leader in yourself? Do you think you could manage a whole crowd of people, making sure that they act in a coordinated and harmonious manner? If so, then you should definitely try to play Count Masters 2021! Here you have to run through a map filled with all kinds of obstacles and deadly traps, and not only successfully avoid them yourself, but also join other characters along the way and control them all!

The game is made in a simple style. Nothing superfluous, only figures of men and a location with understandable objects. Thanks to such minimalistic graphics, it runs perfectly on all devices, even not very powerful ones. Another plus is the short time required for each match. After all, not everyone has a whole evening to spend on a new game. A few minutes will be enough for you to understand the controls and enjoy the process, and maybe earn your first victory!

The game starts, you control where to go with your finger. The point is to collect as many people as possible. In the beginning, you gain the number mainly at the expense of ordinary white men who do not belong to anyone. Further, when you have become stronger, you can attack other groups of men, other players. Attention! You can pick up other people’s people only if you have a larger number of people. Otherwise, even if you attack, they will take your men.

In addition, it is necessary to deftly maneuver between obstacles that are placed throughout the city. Some of your little people will be trapped, and probably even the most experienced players will not be able to avoid this. But experience and dexterity lies in keeping such characters as few as possible. That will mean you’ll end up with an army big enough to survive any battle! Start playing now and test how nimble your fingers are!

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