Count Masters Unity

Longing for something new? Don’t want to play banal and boring games? Then try Count Masters Unity! This is a simple and fast game, the goal of which is to capture as many people as possible under your influence. Together, you will have to run through the entire level and eventually enter a gripping fight with your opponent.

So how does it all happen? When you open the game, you will see the hero for whom you will play, your rank (increases when you earn points) and various skins that open when you complete certain tasks. The higher the rank, the more people you have at the beginning of the game. For the first time, you will start with just one. But don’t worry, soon there will be much more!

The round lasts two minutes. During this time, you need to collect as many people as possible around you. And of course you are not alone on the map. There are other players here as well. Most likely, they are not real people, but just bots. By the way, they can also be absorbed, for this they even give some bonuses. Well, they can also attach you to their crowd. Therefore, if you see that you have not yet gathered a large support group around you, then bypass the numerous crowds of stronger participants in the round.

The game has a very interesting rank system. After you gain a certain number of points, winning battles for popularity, you get a new title, of which there are many. With each rank, the number of people you start with at the beginning of the battle increases, which helps you gain popularity faster and capture other groups that consist of fewer people under your command.

There is also a nice bonus in the form of different images for your character. True, in order for them to become active, it is necessary to complete various missions. For example, play a game several times, end a match in first place, absorb several opponents, and so on. Find out more playing Count Masters Unity online!

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