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Imagine a crowd of little big-headed men of the same color running through the screen, obviously striving somewhere passionately. What’s going on? It means you’re playing Count Masters! Here you have to guide a great number of characters (as many as you can recruit) through all the obstacles and dangers to the final battle waiting for you ahead. But will you be able to do it and why do you need to count? Let’s find out!

The goal of the game is to arrive at the final castle where you have to defeat a boss with the biggest crowd of warriors possible. And that can be done by painstakingly adding more and more of them as you move through the level. Besides, you have to run through gates and there are several of them to choose from. Each game has some kind of a number on it. By looking at this number, you can tell how running through this particular gate will affect the size of your army. Maybe it will get only a little bigger, or smaller at all. And maybe you can double it up!

So you see, to play Count Masters successfully, you actually have to count a bit. Plus you have to do it fast because the characters will be running non-stop and you need to be able to do all the math before they reach the gate so that you have time to turn in the right direction. All the warriors are controlled at once, they all move the same. That poses a lot of difficulty because it gets much more complicated to avoid traps and obstacles scattered in your way.

As you get closer and closer to your goal, you will face more and more insidious traps threatening to decrease the size of your army tremendously. You have to be very agile to dodge them, and still it’s impossible to save all of your soldiers. Some of them will die there, and you just have to minimize the losses if you want to reach the castle strong and numerous. You also have to collect coins that you see on the map. They will be added to your winnings and you will be able to buy some cool skins to make you stand out and also unlock new, even more fascinating locations. Discover what each of Count Masters levels is holding in store for you and improve your skills of controlling a huge crowd every time you play this great game!

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