Remember the last time you were in the water park? But this is a great place to relax and have fun! You can splash in the water as much as you like and try all the attractions that are available to visitors. You can come up with many games with your friends right in the pool and even arrange races on the water slides. This is exactly what you have to do in!

This is a competitive game in which you control an incredibly fast racer working hard to reach the finish line first. Only here you will not sit in your car rushing along the highway, but drive down steep water slides. Other players will play against you, so try your best – these are not just bots, but real people, their actions cannot be predicted!

The control system in is convenient and simple. Even the smallest players can master it. To move in any direction, just swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you want. This way you will move across the map towards the finish line. However, be careful, because if you fly off the hill, then you have to start the game over. But don’t worry, you will have as many attempts as you need.

Competitions in don’t last long, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time playing. It will be enough to launch the game for just a couple of minutes when you have free time and want to take a break. First, you will be sent to the simplest slide, but by winning match after match and getting coins, you can purchase new cards, as well as dress up your character in new bright skins. This will not affect his speed or agility in any way, but you really want to stand out from the crowd!

By playing, you will surely have a great time. You can fight in a frantic competition with other players from the network or invite your friends. Simplicity of design and addictive gameplay make it one of the best in the io category. Start enjoying it right now on your smartphone!

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