Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman Running

Are you ready for some action? In Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman Running you will participate in incredible survival racing while enjoying the gameplay. The developers have put a lot of effort and skill to get a high-quality and interesting product. They worked hard on the physics, so it turned out to be realistic. Users note that because of the embedded 3D graphics, watching the picture becomes a pleasure.

Get ready to take part in incredible adventures where you will face a crowd of little people! They must run over a hundred kilometers to reach the finish line. Not all of them will live to see her, be prepared for such an outcome of events. On your way, you will constantly encounter various obstacles that prevent you from moving along the track. They often bring death to characters, so be careful. Don’t let all the heroes die so that you do not have to start the level anew. The more heroes reach the finish line, the higher the rating you get at the end of the round.

Try not only to pick up the characters alive, but also to add new heroes to yourself during the passage of the track. Remember that there are many obstacles on the track, expressed by pillars, sharp spikes, and other objects. The fewer obstacles you hit, the better the result. The main goal is to bring a lot of people to the finish line. To get more rating, it is worth collecting the scattered people across the field. Only with a large group of faces will it be possible to repulse opponents. If you bring few participants, you will not be able to put up enough resistance to get rid of enemy resistance. If you fail to fulfill the goal, you will have to start the stage from the very beginning.

Once the level is successfully completed, get a certain number of points. Their number directly depends on how many people reach the finish line. Try to collect everyone who comes across on your route. All these little men have a specific mission. They need to seize the wealth hidden in the bowels of enemy lands. The more levels you manage to overcome, the richer the user will become. The arcade in question helps to accumulate huge wealth in order to then spend it on the required enhancements for the army. This must be done regularly so as not to lose power in front of opponents. Start playing this awesome game right now and enjoy every second of it!

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